Trendy and Cheap Baby Shower Ideas

Published: 04th May 2011
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Planning a baby shower makes the parents-to-be more excited as a new baby becomes a part of their life. This is also a great time where friends and family are able to bond and celebrate since a new baby will be born with love and care not only from the parents but with the support of the whole family and friends.

The main point in having baby shower plans is to make it memorable. Well, it doesn’t have to be expensive since the parents also have to save money. However, it should also be trendy in a way that it will be fun for everybody. To make your baby shower plans happen, here are creative ways for you to do.

Customize – In planning a baby shower, you can customize your own. This means that you can create ideas that are unique and can’t be easily found in the stores. In fact, you can also use recycled materials like paper and other materials that are very cheap for you to give as gifts to your visitors.

In making gifts and prizes for the party, you can also customize your own. Remember to synchronize it with your theme. Baby souvenirs are the best idea wherein you can use it as a gift to your visitors. In this way, they will truly remember and cherish the birth of your baby. Here are some of the gifts that you can customize as a shower favor.

• Potpourri
• Candies
• Thank you cards
• Soaps
• Candles
• Souvenir toys
• Chocolates

Choose your theme – One of the baby shower ideas is to carefully choose your theme. The month wherein your baby will be born can be your main theme. If in case your baby will be born in the month of February, then your theme is about hearts. Your favorite cartoon character can also be implemented.

Some of the suggested themes in planning a baby shower are as follows:

For a baby boy:

• Cowboy theme
• Car theme
• Super heroes theme
• Animals
• Sports theme

For a baby girl:

• Fairy tale theme
• Dolls
• Teddy bear theme
• Flowers

These are just some of the themes you can incorporate in your baby shower plans.

Allocate your budget – To be budget friendly, you can buy food ingredients and other items in bulk order. In this way, you will save money since you are given discounts once you purchase more.

Baking your own cake can also be done to cost you less. A simple layer of cake would be enough since there are other foods that will be served to visitors. Just make a presentable and delicious cake to make your baby shower plans successful and appreciated.

These are just some of the best and inexpensive ways in planning a baby shower. You don’t have to be stressed out in looking for ways on how to make the party memorable. Keep in mind that you can search online or offline to provide you the tips and effective ways to celebrate the coming of your child.

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